10 Incredibly Simple Tips To Improve Your Fielding (Beginner guideline series)


7. Get The Basics Of Long Throwing Right

It’s crucial that cricketers paintings on their cap potential to throw the ball over lengthy distances. When fielding out at the boundary, it’s far crucial which you have sufficient strength in the back of your throw to get the ball to the wicketkeeper speedy and accurately! This will increase the possibilities that you can run one of the batsmen out! A fielder who can not throw the ball ways will now no longer be tons use if their captain chooses to place them out at the boundary, making them a far much less treasured piece of the fielding aspect.

Some cricketers can certainly throw the ball similarly to others without training tons, however, there are constantly approaches to enhance how away you may throw the ball. Most of the enhancements you may make honestly come right down to exercise. Try to encompass lengthy throwing on your exercise sessions! This lets you get used to the throwing movement and facilitates teaching the muscle tissues worried withinside the throwing process.

If you sense that that is an in particular susceptible vicinity of your sport and also you need to attempt to enhance it, set apart half-hour of your exercise time in step with a week to throw a cricket ball to an accomplice. Once you sense which you have mastered the throw over a sure distance, inform your accomplice to transport again five metres, and attempt to throw the ball that distance instead.

As a beginning point, ensure you’ve got got the subsequent fundamentals proper while you’re throwing the ball to the wicketkeeper from the boundary:

• Before you do something else, ensure your attention your eyes are on wherein you need the ball to cross.

• When you’re approximate to throw the ball, take a stride forwards in the direction of withinside the path of your target. If you throw together along with your proper hand, you must be striding forwards together along with your left foot. For left exceeded throwers, stride forwards together along with your proper foot.

• As you’re taking the stride forward, your non-throwing hand must additionally be prolonged withinside the path of your target. This guarantees that each one of your momenta is in keeping with wherein you’re aiming to throw the ball.

• Once you’ve got launched the ball, ensure to observe via withinside the favored path of the throw. This facilitates to feature of strength to the throw-in addition to assisting your accuracy.

• If you’re throwing the ball to the wicketkeeper at the leap, attempt to make sure that the leap happens some meters earlier than it reaches the keeper. If you throw the ball so it bounces close to their ft that may be a very tough throw to acquire cleanly, and it can result in the keeper letting the ball cross beyond them.

Once you’re constantly doing all the above matters correctly, you may start to paintings at the strength of your throws!

8. Be Aggressive & Set Yourself A High Standard In The Field

This is a mentality tip! I recognize from my revel in how crucial mentality and mindset are on the subject of fielding! When I first began out gambling cricket I dropped some catches in my first five or 6 video games and my self-assurance dropped hugely as a result. I’d be excellent in exercise, however, whilst it got here to right fits the strain could get to me. I consider gambling one weekend and I become fielding pretty near the wicket.

A capture popped up off the bat that become effortlessly inside my attain if I devoted speedy and determined to run forwards and dive for it. Because I become so low on self-assurance, I moved slowly and didn’t attain the ball in time on purpose. I informed my teammates that I couldn’t have reached the ball, even though deep down I knew I may want to have.

I’m telling you this tale due to the fact having an attacking mentality whilst fielding is so crucial. Attack the ball. Have self-assurance on your talents and do your great to show the tide of the sport. The feeling you get while you run a batsman out, or take an extremely good capture is exquisite. Dismissals resulting from the fielders also can result in large momentum shifts in the sport!

You must need the ball to return to you withinside the subject! It’s tons higher to be worried in the sport than to now no longer have any effect at all. Every time the ball comes your way, see it as your possibility to place a few strains at the batting aspect and feature your say in the sport! Take a few delights on your fielding performance.

9. Be Aware Of Angles & How You Can Cover Ground Most Effectively

One component this is simply frustrating me after I watch cricketers withinside the subject is after they don’t take clever angles in the direction of the ball. When a ball is hit on your fashionable path, requiring you to chase it down, you have to without delay attempt to choose the tempo at the ball. The pace at which the ball is shifting dictates the perspective that you want to run that allows you to capture it.

If you run at the incorrect perspective in the direction of the ball, this may result in the ball going beyond you, and also you in no way be capable of capture up! Sometimes, the ball could be shifting too speedy to run without delay in the direction of it. If you experience the ball goes to skip you, then you definitely must activate at a ‘smarter’ perspective. I’ve drawn up multiple diagrams beneath to reveal to you an instance of this!

Again, you’ll discover ways to do that by exposing yourself to fielding and training a lot. The greater you subject, the higher you’ll get at judging the velocity at the ball because it leaves the bat, and figuring out the angles you want to run at that allows you to prevent the ball successfully.

10. Watch Out For Spin On The Ball

Many gamers who subject in the back of rectangular on both aspect of the wicket gets stuck out because of the spin this is carried out to the ball whilst it’s far struck through the batsman! If you’re fielding in those positions, constantly be conscious that the ball might also additionally all at once alternate path whilst it bounces!

If you run without delay in the direction of the ball, then you may grow to be searching quite silly whilst it deviates and flies beyond you. To keep away from this, don’t decide on the ball too early. If you may watch for the ball to dance so you can choose the spin higher earlier than you attempt to acquire it.


Like I stated at the start of this put-up, those are the matters you’re going to should do in case you need to come to be a powerful fielder! They are notably easy tips, and also you don’t should be an exquisite athlete to feature any of those for your sport. Getting those fundamentals proper will offer you the stable basis you want, and permit you to paintings for your athleticism and explosiveness that allows you to make yourself an excellent higher fielder withinside the future! Practice the abilities I laid out on this put up for some months and I promise you you’ll be a higher fielder as a result!


Does catching a cricket ball hurt?

No pain, no gain! Yes, the ball is tough, however in case you’re tense out in the field, demanding approximately whether or not you are going to get hit through a flying red ball, you are going to get yourself hurt.

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