6 Best exercises for fast bowlers

Fast bowling is taken into consideration as one of the brilliant art forms in the game of cricket. It is one of the maximum interesting elements of the game, however additionally one that tends to shorten a cricketer’s profession thru accidents if they don’t take good enough care.

This care comes inside the shape of health to make certain you don’t undergo stress-associated accidents as a quick bowler. Ram Jangir from Jaipur and Kanishk Seth from Kolkata – each speedy bowler for neighborhood teams – explain some elements of why health is extraordinarily crucial for pacers.

“Ground schooling is the maximum crucial. One day you need to bowl ten overs a day. On an awesome day, you’ll bowl thirty overs (throughout a Test match). It’s all approximately agility. In football, you get ninety mins in which the gamers should be very severe and the handiest get damage at half-time. Fast bowling is different.

We handiest should dash for the run-ups. While returning lower back, this is our relaxation period. On that basis, tracking the time I take to dash for run-united states and the time I take to go back lower back, I do my floor schooling and agility,” found out Ram.

Both Ram and Kanishk say that electricity and staying power in the middle, legs and shoulders are extraordinarily crucial for instant bowlers. Kanishk provides that you could tailor your health ordinary consistent with the layout of the sport you’re gambling.

“If you’re gambling T20, you need to pass all out for energy schooling. If your fundamentals are robust, handiest then are you able to pass for energy schooling. If you’re gambling One Day, however, you want fundamental electricity. You should carry a variety of weights, do a variety of jogging and it varies from bowler to bowler,” says Kanishk.

However, each Ram and Kanishk agree that health is an unavoidable element of a quick bowler’s life. Here are their hints for sporting events you have to do in case you are a quick bowler.

Stretching and warm-ups

Kanishk believes that stretching and warm-up are the maximum crucial bases for keeping an excessive stage of health. “You should be mobile, you need to be flexible. If your frame is tight, it won’t let you carry out properly on an expert stage. After that, you want to feature fundamental electricity in your frame.

If the fundamentals are robust, handiest then are you able to push yourself for plyometrics and energy schooling,” says Kanishk.


Planks are a totally powerful workout for instant bowlers. They do now no longer want the specialized device and may be executed nearly anywhere. Planks assist construct electricity withinside the middle and decrease lower back; because decrease lower back accidents are extraordinarily not unusual to place amongst speedy bowlers, planks are an ought to keep away from this harm.

For a version to the usual plank hold, you can upload rotational actions on the hips with the intention to addition paintings of your middle and belly muscular tissues.

Isometric holds

These are sporting events in which your muscular tissues are engaged without the motion of the frame or joints. You construct anxiety on your muscular tissues to paintings thru through keeping a specific function together along with your frame, pushing/pulling an immovable resistance, or maintaining weight in a specific function. Isometric sporting events are extraordinarily crucial for instant bowling due to the fact they assist with balance and switch of strength.

“There is a switch of strength worried while speedy bowling. For instance, switch of strength from one leg to every other and from non-bowling hand to bowling hand,” says Ram to explain why isometric sporting events assist.


Fast bowlers want robust legs that may manage a variety of mechanical stress. There are few higher sporting events than squats for electricity and conditioning of decrease limbs.

Ram shows now no longer doing a complete squat whilst exercise for instant bowling. Instead, he shows squatting to a perspective this is much like your bowling motion whilst you make your Back Foot Contact (BFC).

Single-leg Romanian deadlift (RDL) for the bowler

Coaches who use single-leg stability take a look at to perceive speedy bowlers who’re at excessive danger of maintaining lower back or decrease limb accidents. For those gamers, they may normally then endorse unmarried-leg Romanian lifeless lifts as a part of their workout ordinary.

This workout specializes in the posterior chain of limb muscular tissues, because of this that it strengthens the hamstring and glutes. They are every other brilliant workout to keep away from stress-primarily based decrease lower back and leg accidents that plague speedy bowlers.

Chest press

Fast bowlers additionally want lots of activation withinside the muscular tissues across the shoulders and chest. The stage of electricity and versatility wishes to be balanced in terms of the shoulders. However, lifting heavy weights over the shoulder ought to upload the danger of harm throughout schooling.

Instead of overhead shoulder sporting events, it’s miles encouraged to do the chest press to decorate electricity and energy. The chest press may be achieved with several devices inclusive of dumbbells, barbells, or a bench with mild weights.


List of important exercises for bowlers?

The important exercises are;

Stretching and warm-ups, Plank, Isometric holds Single-leg Romanian deadlift, and Squats

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