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We simplest use the greatest English willow for the manufacturing of our cricket bats.

The cultivated wood is grown during Kent and Essex. Each tree is planted via way of means of the hand and is tended to via way of means of the grower to make sure that the tree could be appropriate for bat making. In the beyond five years we planted over seventy-five willow timber at our workshop in Kent.

This replenishment program guarantees the geographical region and species are protected. The mature timber is then reduced into rounds, then cut up into clefts. Each cleft used as a Hell4Leather bat is hand decided on via way of means of our grasp bat maker.


Each cleft is inspected via way of means of our grasp bat makers to set up the pleasant use for the wood. Great care is taken to form the blade across the pleasant part of the willow. Every willow cleft is specific and has to be monitored during manufacturing to assure the fine.

The willow fibers should be compressed with the purpose to make stronger the wood resist the effect of a cricket ball. This technique is called urgent. This degree of manufacturing enables make stronger the willow and forestalls splits and splinters withinside the face.

Pressing is sensitive stability among hardening the willow for energy and leaving the blade tender sufficient to play well. Our specialists use wonderful care and judgment in hand urgent each bat to maintain the willows herbal spring. Our press is custom constructed and forces 2 lots in step with rectangular niches.

Fitting the deal with is a particular technique. A deep V is reduced into each blade and deal with so that the 2 in shape collectively perfectly. Our handles are crafted from cane and use a 3 rubber spring system, with a formed oval base to make sure final manipulate and comfort.


The blade is then fashioned via way of means of ‘pulling off’ the willow and stored to the most criminal length of (e.g. four ¼” wide). Stability among leaving as a whole lot of the timber as viable, however growing a balanced pick-up related to pinnacle fine bats. The hand shaping is absolutely specific to every bat and it’s far crucial to discover the man or woman withinside the timber. The bats a constantly examined for stability and fine via way of means of the bat maker to make sure the result.

Once formed, the bat is completed by the use of sanding machines and paths via way of means of hand. Our craftsmen are perfectionists and take wonderful satisfaction withinside the very last result of each bat.


Once the bat is completed the deal is sure and the grip carried out. A mild polish is carried out however the fine end is because of the wonderful deal of time spent sanding. The result is a lovely satin end. A clean PU faces protection is carried out to assist to lessen floor or part cracks, and a fiberglass edging tape is about on each edge as utilized by via way of means of maximum professionals.


The bats are then given a very last fine manipulate inspection. The overall performance is examined and the result is a terrific mixture of pick-up and power. Every bat is then cautiously hand categorized with our kingdom of the artwork labels. The labels are specially designed to keep away from harm on effect from the ball.


All new cricket bats require a few stages of knocking in earlier than use. Knocking-in is the technique of hardening and conditioning the blade’s floor.

The 2 major motives for knocking in:

  • Protecting the bat from cracking and boom its usable life
  • Improving the center of the bat so the center is larger and better

We are the simplest employer in Kent with a completely computerized knocking-in machine, making certain your bat receives the making certain required.


Cricket bats have pressed in our workshop the use of a mechanical press. The press applies as much as 2tons/rectangular inch of stress to the face of the bat. As willow is a tender wood, it needs to be pressed to shape a hard, resilient layer on the floor.


To shield the bat and to get the pleasant overall performance knocking in via way of means of hand with a mallet remains required. While it’s far viable to put together a bat totally via way of means of urgency, this compresses the timber too deep into the blade, which dramatically reduces the overall performance of the bat. A bat pressed closely can have a small center and the ball will not “ping” as some distance as with a bat pressed gently and knocked in via way of means of hand.

Use this knocking in time to get to realize your new bat!


How is a bat made?

The bat is historically crafted from willow wood, especially from plenty of white willows known as cricket bat willow treated with raw (unboiled) linseed oil, which has a protective function.

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