Cricket mental toughness training for beginner

Hello, I’m a sixteen-year-old short all-rounder who sometimes opens the batting. I become simply sturdy at the again foot till a month in the past once I become going through a short bowler and pinnacle edged a tried pull via my helmet to my eye.

Ever on account of that then I haven’t been capable of cross at the again foot. My teacher says I simply want to regain my self-belief and have to begin gambling the shot once more however I haven’t been capable of it regardless of how difficult t strive to persuade myself. Any suggestions on overcoming this barrier.

Hi Joey,

thank you for the letter, it makes plenty for a sportsman to confess worry of any type and to well known it’s far the primary a part of getting again on course and gambling your first-rate cricket.

So permit’s layout a sequence of steps to get you batting higher than ever, off back and front foot. The exceptional factor is that that is an easy process, it’s going to additionally make you a higher cricketer for the future, as you triumph over this mini setback and take the mastering out of a painful experience.

Set A New Goal

Let us set a brand new goal, to apply what befell to you, to make you a higher participant in speedy bowling.

What’s befell is over and executed with and we don’t need to deliver it again to lifestyles every time you need to cross and face the quicks, so we set up new high-quality minds and emotions.


Write down the whole lot that involves thoughts approximately what befell. Think again to some other instances you’ve got been hit with inside the head gambling ball sports, make a observe of them as well.

Now examine your notes, you obtained a ‘trauma’ to the head, it’s herbal in your ‘internal thoughts” (unconscious thoughts) to need to defend you via way of means of now no longer trying you to bat once more or face short bowling. If there have been different instances you’ve got been hit with inside the head, evaluate what befell.

Using Logic. Let’s examine this logically now, well known the reality you’ve been hit with inside the head and that it’s far ok in your internal thoughts to need to defend you. (You must get the unconscious thoughts to your side, if it isn’t, you may consciously need to move to face the quicks however part of your unconscious thoughts won’t need you to … it won’t need to place itself in a role of having hit once more and experiencing the ache that is going with it.

Acknowledge which you made blunders of judgment, attention, or technique. This happens, it’s a part of mastering to play higher cricket and gambling difficult ball sports. The first-rate gamers withinside the globe make those ‘mistakes’ each time they play. It’s a case of mastering to minimize them. Ricky Ponting was given a hit inside the head via way of means of Steve Harmison and Ponting is one of the first-rate gamers of quick bowling there is.

 Positive Image Rehearsal

I’m looking at the bowler run-up, I attended at the ball in his hand, as he releases the ball I see the ball is brief of a length, it’s far the suitable peak for me to pull, I pass effects into the role and pull the ball powerfully via midwicket for four.”

I’ve positioned this in as it’s an amazing dependency to get into, to remind yourself to look at the ball … maximum mistakes in batting come from now no longer looking the ball closely. Now we’ve got a photo and the emotions of gambling the shot precisely as you need to.

Close your eyes and run this via for your thoughts … see it and sense it, make it in color so that it’s far shiny and vivid, listen to the sound of the ball cracking off the bat, the sensation of ideal timing, and power. We then are a part of this up with high-quality self speak, the maximum essential matters are stated to us via way of means of ourselves.

Positive Self Talk

Now write down all of the high-quality ideals you had or need to have approximately your batting and gambling speedy bowling.

‘I’m one of the first-rate batters I know … I’m an exceptional participant of speedy bowling. I love going through the quicks. From those pick out a favorite saying to feature at the start and stop of your imagery.

Now we positioned those key components together … you preparation the high-quality imagery four or five instances an afternoon for 30 seconds. simply take a moment, anywhere you’re, and play it via. Begin and end together along with your favored batting saying.

Do this for three weeks or so permit the mind to make new connections and wiring to make the dominant mind and emotions high-quality approximately going through the quicks come again to it in the course of the season while you want to.

Practical Batting Practice

Begin with quick ball paintings with a tennis ball or slam ball, each underarm and overarm, slower speeds, hitting the ball over midwicket and down at the ground.

Be an affected person with this, don’t rush it, it’s essential now no longer to pressure the unconscious thoughts. Trust it, it’s going to be paintings for you.

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