How to manage your cricket

Maintaining the pristine finish of an excessive-stop cricket ground isn’t a smooth undertaking, specifically with pitches in use for lengthy intervals of the spring and summer months. A properly controlled pitch will make certain a fast, proper, and most importantly fair bounce which is vital in cricket.

Which seed?

There are many extraordinary styles of grass seed to be had with a huge variety of traits, appropriate for pretty much each wants whether or not or not it’s gardening, landscaping, or keeping sports activities pitches. Finding the proper blend for a selected process may be a challenge. At The Grass People, we’ve created mixes mainly for cricket grounds. One for squares and wickets and the alternative for the outfield regions of the pitch. The former carries 3 cultivars of perennial ryegrass mainly designed to create a durable, even end.

New Pitch

Sowing a brand new cricket subject is a massive undertaking and might require using a contractor to get the sphere in shape for sowing. The soul wishes to be of correct intensity and stage to permit a very good mattress for the seed, it wishes to be properly flattened, aerated, and moistened to create the first-rate situations for the boom. When sowing a brand new subject, we propose a charge of 35g consistent with a rectangular meter.

Existing Pitch

When renovating the broken or naked patches in present rugby or soccer subject the PERFORM: Cricket Outfield and PERFORM: Cricket Squares & Wickets will permit groundsmen to rejuvenate broken grass quickly. To make certain the first-rate viable floor in your subject ensure to irrigate previously to overseeding. We propose a sowing charge of 25g consistent with a rectangular meter while overseeding.

Good practices

There is a huge type of practice that must be taken into consideration while dealing with the maintenance of a cricket pitch. Scarification, aeration, everyday mowing, and making use of fertilizer are all required for the precise green, in particular, withinside the offseason while grass boom must be recommended in education for the subsequent season.


Aeration is a crucial exercise for keeping any pitch. The technique lets in air and water to waft freely via the soil, making sure grassroots obtain masses of both. Frequency relies upon the technique of aeration, whether or not or not it’s spiking, slitting, or coring. Spiking includes growing holes at an intensity of 30mm by the use of a lawn fork and this must be executed on an every year basis.


Scarification is a fantastic manner to get rid of thatch from cricket pitches and maintains the region searching sparkling and healthy. This is first-rate executed the use of an automatic scarifier and must be executed on the stop of the gambling season because it may also clean the region of particles and make any restore paintings easier.


Mowing must be an everyday pastime on any sports activities floor. Not simplest does it preserve the pitch searching fantastic, it additionally guarantees play stays truthful and encourages similarly grass boom. One of the maxima below valued pitch care practices however certainly one of the maximum crucial, our mixes are designed with brief mowing in mind, to make certain the sphere may be saved neat at some point of the season.


Generally speaking, the first-rate technique to vitamins in sports activities pitches is little and often. The accurate feeding regime can range relying on location, soil kind and weather so ensure it’s proper in your pitch earlier than buying or making use of fertilizer. The first-rate vicinity to begin is with an easy soil check that may spotlight the tiers of nutrient and hint factors withinside the soil; this makes locating the proper fertilizer lots easier.

Maintenance Calendar


Brushing: Brush the floor of gambling regions to get rid of dew and decrease the danger of disease.

Mowing: Keep wintry weather mowing to a minimum however don’t permit grass to develop too lengthy or it could emerge as weak. The frequency will rely on the climate and fashionable circumstances of the pitch.

Aeration: Carry out a few mild slitting paintings right now of year, heavier aeration is likewise an alternative however take care to now no longer overdo it on wetter soils.


Rolling: You can also additionally need to begin rolling in advance than standard in case your season begins evolved in April, in any other case it’s first-rate to go away this till March.

Sampling: Get your soils sampled for vitamins so that you can begin getting ready for the proper fertilizer application.

Weeds, pests, and disease: Take time to evaluate the presence of all of those pesky troubles and practice the appropriate answer which necessary.


Brushing: Continue the brushing recurring on an everyday

Marking: ‘Square off’ the regions used for squares with a semi-everlasting marking. Continue with brushing and decrease the mow peak to 18mm, however, make certain to keep away from taking extra than a 3rd of the grass peak off in a single cut

Rolling: March is the time to begin pre-season rolling, in case you haven’t already. Consolidation relies upon the clay content material of soils, the extra clay the heavier the regime carried out will need to be.


April is a totally busy time for cricket groundskeepers, however, a higher climate and longer evenings must deliver extra time to finish obligations that want to do.

Late April: Reduce mowing peak to 10-12mm to inspire sward density. Ensure the irrigation system is in operating order and ensure it is prepared for use.


Agronomy: Monitor the overall performance of the pitch closely, adjusting care exercises in which suitable and required.

Weeds, pests, and diseases: Keep an eye fixed open always for any of those cropping up. The maximum, not unusual place troubles are fusarium, purple thread, and pests together with chafer grubs and leatherjackets.

General obligations: Keep on the pinnacle of the not unusual place brushing and mowing obligations as always.


General upkeep: Keep on the pinnacle of irrigation and the standard ‘menial’ obligations all at some point of the gambling season, in particular, withinside the hotter months June, July, and August.

Wicket care: You must have visible a month or of play at the pitch through this level so it’s crucial to evaluate the circumstance of the wickets. Brushing, sweeping, scarifying, and aeration practices must be maintained to preserve the grass searching correctly and appearing properly.

Outfield: Similarly, outfield care must continue to be excessive at the listing of priorities with comparable care being taken and regions repaired as necessary


Fertilizer: Apply a gradual launch fertilizer to preserve the pitch fed for the subsequent month or  of the gambling season

Continue with fashionable upkeep as in preceding months.


Much similar to July, hold with fashionable upkeep, mowing, scarifying, and a few mild aerations withinside the shape of slitting if viable.


Brushing: Increase the brushing frequency this month as the dew at the grass can boom the possibilities of disease

General care: Care will now pass toward the preservation of the pitch, September is a superb month for heavier floor paintings because the floor must be an incorrect sufficient circumstance to now no longer purpose intense poaching. Scarification and feeding must nonetheless be excessive at the to-do-listing. Areas that require maintenance or reseeds must be addressed, in particular regions like squares and wickets.

Aeration: A heavier technique of aeration must be executed right now whether or not that be spiking or coring.


Sampling: October is any other fantastic time to check soils in case you haven’t executed this a few times. If any adjustments in composition have happened they may be addressed over the wintry weather length for the subsequent season.

Rolling: This may be resumed withinside the offseason to preserve swards dense


Mowing: Grass boom must gradually down right now and mowing must emerge as much less frequent. Ensure grass doesn’t develop too excessive however in any other case preserve mowing to a minimum.

Other upkeep: Winter is a fantastic time to begin operating in different regions, together with repairing and portray posts or different capabilities of your cricket grounds. Brushing must nonetheless be executed as standard


Much like November, December is a slower month and no matter the standard brushing and possibly the unusual mow pitch upkeep shouldn’t be too demanding.


How to improve batting in cricket?

The key to enhancing cricket batting is as;

Comfortable grip and stance.

Watch the ball from the bowler’s hand.

Keep your stability in contact.

Keep the ball on the ground.

Play as directly as you can.

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