How to Play Various Shots in Cricket |  How to play cricket basic

Playing a scoring shot in cricket may be difficult, especially whilst you do not know the precise shot to apply for the circumstances. A correct batsman should have correct hand-eye coordination, reflexes, energy, speed, and sound judgment. In addition, a sturdy batsman will want radical expertise in policies and a radical knowledge of cricket approach and tactics. Learning and practicing the numerous photographs and whilst applying them will move a protracted manner to enhance your recreation and assist you in rating greater runs.

Batting Basics

Decide whether or not to take an attacking shot or shield the stumps. The elements that would play into your choice are probably whatever from how rapid or properly the ball is bowled, to the duration and policies of the healthy being performed.
• Shorter fits generally make for greater attacking photographs as batsmen have much less possibility to attain runs.

• Longer take a look at fits which can move for as much as 5 days have a tendency to bring about greater protective plays.


Move ahead or again. Front foot photographs are most customarily used to play a ball this is introduced among ankle and thigh height. Back foot photographs are higher for balls that might be among the thigh and head. Once you discover the peak at which the ball will possibly arrive, you could shift your weight to the front or again leg to play the corresponding photographs.


Keep your eyes on the ball. Watching the development of the ball is important because it will assist you to decide whilst and wherein to hit it.


Avoid being referred to as out. There are numerous approaches to be referred to as out in cricket. When batting holds those policies in thoughts in figuring out how competitive to be together along with your photographs.
• Prevent the ball from hitting the wicket.

• Avoid being hit withinside the legs via way of means of the ball in the front of the wicket. This can also additionally bring about the batsman being out via way of means of leg earlier than wicket.

• Avoid giving catches to any fielders at the field.

• Avoid edging the ball to the wicket-keeper.


Hit the ball with the bat with specific placement, timing, and energy to keep away from the fielders at the field. It takes a notable deal of talent and exercise to be a notable batsman. Be an affected person and watch for the proper shot to play.

Hitting Front Foot Shots

Play an ahead protective shot. Not each shot in cricket may be a scoring shot. When a ball is properly bowled, use an ahead protective shot to keep away from being referred to as out. Having stable protection is an essential part of being a very good batsman. and revel in your recreation.

• Lean your head and the front shoulder ahead. Take a step with the front foot at the same time as preserving the again leg instantly.

• Swing the bat downward and making contact with the ball because it passes under the eyes. Keep the bat angled so the face is in the direction of the floor.

• The bat must grow to be barely in advance of your front leg and near the facet of the pad. Do now no longer observe via. Keep the heel of your again foot off the floor and keep the location to have the excellent danger to dam the ball.


Play an instant pressure. This shot is generally performed whilst complete shipping on center or off stump. It is one of the maximum not unusual place photographs and generally the primary one discovered via way of means of cricket players. Depending on the path the ball travels, this shot may be called a cowl pressure, off pressure, instant pressure, on pressure, or rectangular pressure.

• Lean ahead and step together along with your front foot. Bend your front knee. This will come up with a stable base for the shot.

• Your head must be in advance or degree with the front knee and your again foot be up at the toe in the course of the swing.

• Swing the bat instantly and making contact with the ball whilst it’s far under the eyes. Keep your wrists comfortable and the bat angled to hold the pressure low.

• Follow via must preserve on an instant direction in order that the bat face is in the direction of the sky.


Play a sweep shot. This shot is not able to apply to spinners. When you notice a low-bouncing ball at the legside, visit the sweep shot.

• Lean your head and the front shoulder ahead. Stride together along with the front foot so the pad is withinside the direction of the ball. Drop your again knee to the floor.

• Lift the bat to an excessive backswing then convey the bat down and throughout the body. Strike the ball in the front of the pad. Roll your wrists barely whilst you make touch to attitude the ball downward.

• Follow via. Bring your fingers round after hanging the ball so that they grow to be close to your front shoulder with the bat held excessive withinside the air.


Play a front foot leg look. This shot is predicated on the rate of the bowled ball in preference to the electricity of the hitter. A front foot leg look is excellent used to play balls introduced off to the leg facet.
• Lean ahead together along with your head and the front shoulder. Shift your weight in your front leg.

• Bring the bat instantly via. Angle the bat face barely in the direction of your front leg in the course of the stroke. Make touch in the front of the front leg pad.

• Flick your pinnacle wrist to look the shot downward. This shot is predicated on manipulating and precision to deflect the ball in preference to a eff

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