Improving Your Batting Skills With Our Cricketing Shots Guide

Hitting Back Foot Shots


Play a returned foot protection shot. When going through a quick bowler a returned foot protection shot is an essential detail to keep away from being known as out. If a shot is at the stump however brief of the right length, this shot is a strong manner to play it safe.

  • Step returned in the direction of the wickets together along with your returned foot. Keep your returned leg withinside the line of the ball. Keep your head ahead and your returned foot flat on the floor.
  • Move your front foot towards the returned leg together along with your front foot pointed on the bowler.
  • Keeping the hands in an excessive position, swing the bat directly down. Angle the bat towards the floor and strike the ball whilst it’s far beneath the eyes.


Play a returned foot leg glance. The trick to gaining knowledge of this shot is all withinside the wrists. Use it to play balls which can be added briefly or completed in the leg aspect.

  • Quickly circulate each leg returned towards the stumps. Keep your returned leg consistent with the ball. Angle your frame to stand towards the bowler.
  • Swing the horrific directly via. Turn the face barely towards your leg aspect and strike the ball in the front of the frame.
  • Roll your pinnacle wrist over to manipulate the ball and perspective it towards the floor. The pinnacle handgrip can stay free or tight relying on how first-class or rectangular the batter wishes the ball to be.


Play a rectangular cut. This effective shot can assist in rating masses of runs. Select this shot on brief deliveries which can be out of doors of the stump.

  • Step backward and throughout the stump with the returned foot. Begin your backswing via way of means of turning your front shoulder even as bringing the bat returned.
  • Swing the bat down and throughout the frame. Get your hands absolutely prolonged to generate the most strength. Roll your fingers barely to perspective the ball downwards.
  • Continue the


Play a returned foot drive. This shot is much like a returned foot defensive. Play this shot right into a brief transport to attain runs.

  • Bring your front foot returned as you start your backswing. Keep your weight barely for your front leg. And maintain the bat consistent with the transport of the ball.
  • Keep the bat directly as you start your swing. Use your pinnacle hand to manipulate the swing and offer the strength via way of means of pushing together along with your backside hand.
  • Follow via bringing your fingers excessive above your front shoulder.


Play a hook or pull shot. The steps for those photographs are identical, however, a pull shot copes with balls added to the quick aspect across the waist level, even as a hook shot addresses balls added to the quick aspect among the chest and head height. These photographs are relatively volatile as they pose the danger of being stuck out. It calls for splendid footwork and outstanding hand-eye coordination.

  • Step returned and throughout together along with your returned foot. This will open up your chest barely towards the bowler.
  • Move your front leg returned and out towards the leg aspect. Bring your frame round even as retaining your eyes at the ball.
  • Swing the bat throughout the frame at a moderate downward perspective. Keep your hands absolutely prolonged and roll the wrists on touch to assist maintain the ball down.


They comply with via may be completed one in all ways. You can raise the front leg and shift your weight to pivot at the returned leg. Or you could flip each of your legs to comply with via the route of the ball.

Playing Unorthodox Shots


Hitting an opposite sweep. This is commonly performed towards overpitched deliveries.

  • Stand on a balanced returned foot. Place the front foot as much as the toes (padded portion) vertical or upright.
  • Hold the bat horizontally near the pitch via way of means of the section of the bat in a contrary manner.
  • Move the bat to the offside in order that the ball is struck immediately it touches the floor.


Try a transfer hit the shot. This shot turned into made well-known via way of means of Kevin Pietersen in 2008.  In this shot, a batsman adjustments his handedness and posture to undertake a stance the replicate photograph of his conventional handedness even as the bowler is going for walks into a bowl.

As a fielding group can’t alternate the setting of fielders even as the bowler is in his run-up, the fielding aspect is efficaciously wrong-footed with the fielders out of position. This shot’s legality turned into showed via way of means of the ICC in 2008. The shot is volatile due to the fact a batsman is much less talented inside the different handedness and is much more likely to screw up withinside the execution of his shot.

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