International cricket Team History, Australia, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand

Cricket within the early 20th century changed into ruled through the Imperial Cricket Conference, England, Australia, and South Africa. Later renamed the International Cricket Conference after which the International Cricket Council, the ICC progressively took over greater responsibility for the management of the sport and shifted its power base from west to east. The priorities of the sport were modified too. By the turn of the 21st century, simplest Australia and England nevertheless performed Test cricket to complete houses.

  Although the energy to alternate the legal guidelines of the sport has remained with the MCC, the ICC evolved its personal Code of Conduct for gamers, officials, and administrators, which units out disciplinary approaches and protects the spirit of the sport. It additionally prepared important global tournaments, consisting of the one-day and Twenty20 World Cups and the Champions Trophy.

In 2000 the ICC installation the Anti-Corruption Unit (renamed the Anti-Corruption Unit and Security Unit in 2003) to fight the developing hazard of unlawful playing and healthy fixing. At the start of the 2010s, the ICC had 10 complete participants and dozens of accomplice and associate participants.


One of the founding participants of the ICC, Australia stays one of all its maximum effective nations each on and stale the field. The records of cricket in Australia dates to 1803 while the sport became brought through the team of a British ship. The first intercolonial healthy occurred in 1851 among Victoria and Tasmania, and through the stop of the nineteenth century groups from England had been visiting Australia regularly. The first reliable Test healthy became performed in Melbourne in 1877 through Australia and England, starting the oldest competition in global cricket, a sequence that has become referred to as The Ashes.

Cricket is performed at some stage in Australia, and suits are ferociously aggressive at each level. All the remarkable Australian gamers from Sir Don Bradman to Shane Warne evolved their capabilities in membership cricket earlier than graduating to the country and countrywide groups, and the Australian fashion of cricket is marked through aggressiveness with a bat, ball, and, regularly, voice in an try and intimidate opponents.

Through the 20th century, Australia produced a series of fantastic groups, and the U.S.A . dominated worldwide cricket into the state-of-the-art century, winning three successive one-day World Cups (1999–2007) and instances recording runs of 16 consecutive Test victories (1999–2001 and 2005–08).


In June 2000 Bangladesh have become the tenth U.S.A . to be accorded complete Test fame. It performed its first Test healthy in November of that year, towards India in Dhaka. Known because the Tigers, the Bangladeshi group struggled to carry out at the best level, triumphing simplest 3 of its first sixty-eight Tests. However, Bangladesh has defeated the 9 nations that preceded it to Test fame in one-day suits, a feat finished with a victory over England in Bristol in 2010.

Bangladesh’s first look in a global match had been available in England withinside the ICC Trophy opposition for accomplice participants in 1979. In 1997 Bangladesh gained the trophy and was certified for the 1999 World Cup, beating Pakistan withinside the organization stages. A home great match among six local groups became installed in 2000–01. Since Bangladesh won Test fame, cricket arguably has grown to be the maximum famous game withinside the U.S.A.


Cricket is performed in each nook of India, on metropolis streets, in village fields, and on maidans—open gambling fields, the biggest of which (which include the Azad, Cross, and Oval maidans in South Mumbai) can host dozens of overlapping suits. Historically, Indian cricketers have displayed a terrific eye and robust wrists, and Indian batsmen, maximum considerably Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar, were a number of the maximum effective and elegant withinside the records of cricket. The dry flat pitches of the subcontinent have additionally historically produced high-elegance spin bowlers.

The origins of the sport in India date to the 18th century. A visiting group led through the English gentleman cricketer Lord Hawke performed a healthy towards the “All India” group in January 1893. India performed its first Test in 1932 and waited twenty years for its first Test victory, towards England in Madras (now Chennai). The recreation evolved so rapidly in India, however, that through the stop of the 20th century India became one of the world’s predominant cricketing nations.

With the increase of the Indian Premier League withinside the early twenty-first century, it has become the undisputed domestic of Twenty20 cricket and the economic hub of global recreation, even though the recognition of Test cricket has declined dramatically in India. India’s prominence in one-day cricket became similarly showed while it gained the Cricket World Cup in 2011.

New Zealand

Cricket has constantly taken 2nd area to rugby withinside the sports activities priorities of New Zealanders, but, as in Australia, the sport has a robust countrywide shape in New Zealand. The lengthy records of home cricket withinside the U.S.A . is regularly dated from the primary consultant interprovincial healthy, among Auckland and Wellington, in 1860, even though there may be proof that unofficial suits among provinces had been performed in New Zealand many years earlier.

The NZ Cricket Council became shaped in 1894 and became admitted to the complete club of the ICC in 1926. With simplest a small base of gamers on which to draw, New Zealand has constantly struggled to compete with England and Australia in Test cricket. As in maximum cricketing nations, the one-day recreation has proved greater famous in New Zealand. In Richard Hadlee, who became knighted in 1990, U.S.A . produced one of the finest cricketers of any era.

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