List of Important Cricket Equipment which you Should have

We’ve created a checklist for you with the whole thing in which you want to play cricket regularly and on an extra serious level if you’re planning to take your sport to the pitch out of the Galli.

So you’ve simply started playing the sport extra seriously, you could or won’t have got the tools and equipment but however, you are thinking if there may be whatever else you want to add? Here’s a checklist so that you will be sure that you have all of it prepared.

Cricket equipment

You simply want  matters to start the sport:

· BAT- Plastic bats/ Poplar / Poplar Willow

· BALL- Any softball- mostly tender tennis ball/ Hard Tennis ball

If you want to play on an extra overall performance stage, you will want the proper tools and gadgets regulated through the legal guidelines of cricket. Here’s a listing that would assist you to begin.


On an overall performance stage, the ball commonly utilized in cricket is a cork ball blanketed in leather.  In phrases of color, there are. Red balls are utilized in Test Cricket and for First Class Cricket at the same time as white is utilized in one-day matches. Be on protecting due to the fact those balls are very tough and may reason accidents upon effect with the body.


Cricket Bats are made from flat timber now no longer than 96.5cm. The width of those bats is confined to 10.8cm. While there may be no popular weight, maximum bats variety from 1.2 kilograms to 1. four kilograms.


This is commonly paired with white lengthy trousers. Headwear that includes baseball caps or cricket caps/ solar caps is likewise recommended. For shoes, put on spiked shoes to enhance traction at the gambling area.

Protective gadget

Like each different sport, shielding tools are required to make certain protection and live injury-free.

Body protectives

Batsmen and Wicketkeepers put on stomach protection to guard themselves against the effect of the ball hitting their bodies. Leg pads or shin pads are not unusual to place batsmen, wicketkeepers in addition to the fielders stationed close to the batsmen.


A helmet, now and then with a connected visor is worn through batsmen and fielders to guard their heads. It is suggested for wicketkeepers to put on shielding eyewear as well. The effects of the ball hitting the wicket may be primary with the bails getting dislodged after the effect.


Batsmen and Wicketkeepers have specific gloves. The ones worn through batsmen are very thickly padded on the tip of all 5 arms while it is in comparison to thinner wicketkeeping gloves. The wicketkeeper gloves have webbed arms to assist seize the ball. The fifteen gamers who make up the Indian Cricket crew to symbolize the huge diaspora of India began out as enthusiasts too.

What that they’d interior them become an unyielding ardor for succeeding and needing to make it to the very pinnacle in their sport. Add numerous sacrifices and tough paintings to the combination turn and also you get an Indian Cricketer prepared to shoulder obligations of the maximum annoying set of enthusiasts throughout the globe.

The cricket journey

Fed with a wholesome dollop of cricket served through pals and own circle of relatives on a day-by-day foundation it’s miles no marvel that I took up cricket as my preference of sport! Fortunately, I become developing up with numerous children of my age, and selecting the cricket bat wasn’t something which I had to interrupt my head over! I become four years vintage after I picked up my first cricket bat – a humble length zero timber bat that could guide my very “limited” shot-making abilities! My love for the game grew tenfold and evenings had been spent gambling cricket with the classic “gully” cricket rules!

The lifestyles level of a cricket bat is inversely proportional to the number of instances it becomes positioned via my grueling timetable of smashing balls into the window panes of our condo building. Going through that corollary it become no surprise that my Kiddo bat broke! As I had begun out gambling tennis ball cricket at a better stage it become the want of the hour to get my arms on a brand new cricket bat! It is human tendency to salivate over any snazzy new handsome product withinside the market! I become enamored through this bat that could allow me to develop to the subsequent stage of my cricketing trial through fire.

My cricketing schooling stepped forward at a quicker price and my pals made a cricket crew take part in a neighborhood tennis ball match!

And with that development, arrived an excuse to shop for a brand new cricket bat a great deal to my father’s chagrin! But a match is an extreme commercial enterprise and I needed to get my arms on a Kashmir willow bat to get our crew over the end line!

That is how the cricket trojan horse bites! And it bites tough, Injects us with an unquenchable thirst to be at the cricket discipline at each possibility possible! Consequently, fills us with an urge to be at the pinnacle of our sports day in and day out!

FAQ Related Question

What are the six shielding equipment in cricket?

Cricket Gloves. Batting Gloves. Wicket-Keeping Gloves. Inner Gloves
Thigh Guards
Leg Guards
Batting Pads
Arm Guards
Wicket-Keeper Pads
Pocket Underwear & Abdomen Guards.

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