The 5 exceptional exercises for harm prevention for bowlers

It’s widely recognized that cricket bowlers (specifically speedy bowlers) are extra susceptible to accidents than every other cricketer…

As a lot of us have these days made our go back to crew sport, we idea we’d percentage the 5 exceptional sporting events speedy cricket bowlers can do to keep away from harm in schooling or at the field. Let’s make certain you’re preventing suit and geared up for the sport!

Most not unusual place accidents for immediate bowlers

  • Lower again pain (youngsters)
  • Side traces (older players)
  • Hamstrings and decrease limb accidents
  • Shoulder accidents


Like maximum cricket players, speedy bowlers ought to educate to acquire higher efficiency, biomechanics, and to live harm-unfastened. According to Ian Pont in his book ’The speedy bowler’s bible’, maximum cricketers have the subsequent kind of ordinary to cope with their schooling needs (apart from internet practice):

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Plyometric and explosive schooling
  • Cardio workout routines
  • Active healing and middle activation- Yoga, Pilates, and foam rolling.

In this blog, we’re going to awareness about five exceptional sporting events for immediate bowlers.


Planks (or planking) is the exceptional shape of workout for immediate bowlers regardless of age. As discussed, decrease again accidents are the maximum, not unusual place harm you’ll locate in younger speedy bowlers. The wonderful gain of this workout is you don’t want any expert gadget and it can be accomplished quite a lot anywhere.

One gain of planking is that it enables reinforce each your middle and your decrease again. In addition, there’s much less weight thru the hands, making its miles less complicated at the shoulders and pectoral girdle. Core sporting events together with this assist to enhance the connective tissues for your abs, lowering the hazard of harm.

Challenge yourself extra through progressing the workout with the use of a fitness center ball or unmarried-leg variations. You can upload a few ranges to this workout through acting a facet plank to enhance each health and middle strengthening. Remember to do each aspect to save you any muscle imbalance.

Leg press: Single leg

In speedy bowling, the most weight is taken withinside the transport stride at the touchdown leg, that’s contrary to the bowling arm. It’s not unusual to place for extra accidents to arise on that leg in preference to the different. Add in a few device workout routines to present a few ranges.

Not forgetting the touchdown leg, we endorse you growth the resistance at the same time as strengthening it. E.g. proper arm bowlers have to reinforce the left leg through growing the resistance as compared to the proper and vice-versa.

This is a wonderful workout for individuals who are new to energy and conditioning training or conflict to boost heavyweights with proper control.

Remember to start strengthening on machines earlier than you develop to the unfastened weights. Additionally, I’d advise you to integrate the above with operating to your hamstring curls, quadriceps, and hip adductors.


The fashionable rule for energy and conditioning in speedy bowlers is to apply heavyweights to decrease limb schooling. Deadlifts are a wonderful workout to make the decrease limbs extra sturdy and stronger.

The blessings of doing so:

  • Helps the decrease limbs and posterior chain muscular tissues
  • Improves resilience and energy
  • Helps save you traces and accidents because of effect and loading
  • Enhances health and plyometric energy
  • Helps keep away from decrease limb accidents – in particular hamstring traces, ankle, and knee joint troubles.

You can develop this by introducing weighted squats to grow your energy and enhance flexibility for your hamstrings.

Single leg Romanian deadlifts

The exceptional check to pick out bowlers who’re at excessive hazard of maintaining any again or decrease limb accidents is a single left stability check. This is accomplished on a risky surface (together with a Bosu ball) together along with your eyes closed.

Single-leg Romanian lifeless lifts are perfect to address this problem as they awareness extra to your posterior chain – the muscular tissues at the again of your frame which encompass the hamstrings and glutes. Single leg deadlifts and Bulgarian cut-up squats are different options for those sporting events.

Chest press

Fast bowling turns on the muscular tissues around your shoulder and chest, however, it’s key you stability the tiers of energy and versatility in a quick bowler’s shoulder.

It’s counseled through many running shoes and coaches to keep away from lifting any heavyweights in your top limbs. By overdoing it, you positioned yourself prone to extra shoulder-associated accidents.

We endorse the chest press because of its exceptional manner to enhance your energy and power. This may be accomplished with quite a few gadgets, such as dumbbells, barbells, or on a bench with mild weights. It’s normally regarded for cricketers to apply remedy ball throws. This provides an aspect of plyometrics to the chest press. Advantages encompass advanced muscle activation and expanded balance of your pectorals.

Are you a budding cricketer affected by common accidents? Do you sense you’ve got positive troubles at some stage in schooling which wants addressing? We can assist through assessing your pain, mobility, and energy, and prescribing a tailor-made rehab workout program to preserve you at the field, acting tougher and faster, for longer.


What exercises are properly for bowling?

Jumping jacks, squats, lunges, arm and leg swings – These are a few wonderful heat-ups to start with to be able to get your coronary heart pumping. Do leaping jacks, run in place, lunge from side to side out of your seat to the wall. Swing your palms to heat that motion earlier than you do it in sport with a bowling ball

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